Frequently Asked Questions

What is DocsPayDocs?

DocsPayDocs is an online marketplace for doctors and other healthcare provides to buy and sell documents and forms online. 

Who can buy and sell on the site?

Any healthcare provider can buy and sell online. It is setup as an online marketplace for people to exchange. The concept is for healthcare providers to exchange online. We ask for you address to verify you are a healtcare provider.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to setup an account to buy or sell at this time.  We charge a percentage of sales of any products, but you can list as many as you like for no charge. There is a premium that can be paid to be featured on our home page.

Do you review the submission?

No, we do not automatically review all submissions. We do have access to all submission and can review, delete or edit. We havea zero tolerance for copywright infrigment and will alwasy be careful of infrigment. If we get a complaint or suspect an issue we can review and delete products. If you feel your product is being sold without your permision, please contact us at info@docspaydocs.com

How will i recieve my purchases?

You will get them as instant download

How do sellers get paid their revenue?

Sellers are paid via paypal only. We do not support any other type of payment. Paypal is fast easy and secure. We have clients all over the world and paypal is univerally accepted.

What is someone sells some copywrighted materials?

Again, we have zero tolerance and wil err on the side of caution. The offending materials will be taken down and the informaton of the seller will be turned over to the proper authorities.

I have other questions?

Please use the contact us form.


Thanks, DocsPayDocs



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