About Us

Docs Pay Docs Was started by a doctor and for doctors. Tired of never being able to find paperwork for his own office, and overpaying consultants, and always being asked to email copies of paperwork to other doctors, Dr James Fedich decided something better had to be out there. His wife was a teacher and bought and sold paperwork and activities on a popular website. In searching online, Dr. Fedich found there was nothing available for physicians out there. Instead he noticed that we often overpay consultants, marketing companies, and other business for paperwork that doctors needed. Further, he noticed that if he had a form, letter or paperwork other doctors wanted, he would get dozens of emal requests to email it to his friends. He figured there had to be a better way! So, he teamed up with magical cloud solutions, and docspaydocs was born.

Dr Fedich is also the founder of iBiz Stats, a small business tracking, graphing, and sharing business app. More information can be found at http://www.ibizstats.com. Docs Pay Docs Operates under iBiz Stats, LLC the founding corporation.

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